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Facebook feed now on the web site

We are constantly looking at ways to improve your Parish Council web site and have just added a page showing Facebook posts / the feed from the Parish Council Facebook Page.
You can view this page via the “Social Media” drop down option under the News option on the menu bar.
 The aim, is that over time, we will be able to post all updates on just the Facebook Page and they will automatically display on the web site page. This will enable us to just update in one place and avoid the duplication of having to put the same update on two places.
You do not need to be a Facebook User to see the overview of the posts (although if are you have added functions).
We would welcome any feedback (good or bad).
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Ashdon Parish Council Meeting

Ashdon Parish Council will next meet on Monday 8th April. Please click on the graphic below for the Agenda.

Notice of Election

Election of a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex Police Area. (Click on the image to download).

Ashdon Garden Waste Skip 2024 Schedule

Ashdon Garden Waste Skip 2024 Schedule

Welcome to Councillor Mrs Julia Goodwin.

We would like to welcome Cllr Julia Goodwin to Ashdon Parish Council. (Updated 23/02/24)

Cllr Julia Goodwin Portrait

Voting by Post

New rules introduced by the Elections Act 2022 about the handling of postal votes apply to polls taking place on or after the 2 May. A Briefing Note, as put together by the Association of Electoral Administrators can be viewed on the Uttlesford District Council Website by clicking on the image below. (Updated 23/02/24)

Update on The Rose & Crown (29/01/24)

Update on The Rose & Crown

Remembrance 2023

Armistice tomorrow (Saturday 11th November) at 11:00am. Rev Bren Brundritt Minister at Ashdon Baptist Church will be taking the short service.
Sunday 12th November. Rev Bren Brundritt will conduct the Service followed by a silence at 11:00am. Frank Williams will read the names, Kathy Reynolds will lay the wreath . Both Frank and Kathy are direct descendants of Shoeing Smith Thomas Williams WW1 who is buried in Gaza!
A Colonel from RAF Mildenhall will lay a wreath in memory of Mrs Everitt.
All are welcome….
Ashdon War Memorial

Parish Briefing

Please click on the graphic below to be taken to the latest Parish Briefing information. There is lots of useful information available..

Statement Of Persons Nominated_Ashdon Ward

Elections 4th May 2023

Local Elections 2023:

How to make sure that you have your say on 4th May 2023.

Click on the image below to download the document..

Parish Council - Notification Of Election

Please see below for Notice Of Election (Parish Councillors).

Click on the image below to download / view the complete file which includes working links.

District Council - Notification Of Election

Please see below for Notice Of Election (District Councillors).

Click on the image below to download / view the complete file which includes working links.

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North West Essex Virtual Hospital Service

A new virtual hospital service has launched in west Essex for adults over the age of 18 years, giving them more choice around where they can receive care.

Click on the image below to be taken to the Web Site with more details.

Local Elections - 4th May 2023.

Clicking on the image below will takes you to the Uttlesford District Council Page with full information on the elections, how to stand for election and how to vote.
Don’t forget that you will need an acceptable Voter ID (shown on the  image below) and you can find further details and how to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate if you do not have an acceptable Voter ID on the UDC site.

Essex Police - Independant Advisory Groups

Essex Police Independant Advisory Groups Advert

Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan adopted.

Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan Adoption Document
Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan Adoption Document

A Plea from The Ashdon Players

A Plea from The Ashdon Players

Appeal for Information

“This photograph was published in the Summer 2022 edition of the Ashdon Village Magazine. I would like to include it in an article I hope to have published about the Ashdon Windmill but I have so far been able to verify who took the photograph. Please can you let me know if you are the person who took this and if you would be happy for me to use it and if you would like me to cite your name as the originator of the photograph.”
Gillian Brooker
Tel: 01799 584039
Declaration Of Result Of Poll - Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - Result

Declaration Of Result Of Poll - Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan

Making the most of your money

Uttlesford Citizens Advice have produced a very useful guide for residents. Please click on the image below to download it.
Posted (27/04/22)

Thank you

Whilst out and about today we came across these two lovely residents who were doing their very own litter pick from Rogers End up towards Waltons. They told us that they had collected almost two bin bags full of rubbish.
Thank you ladies…
Posted (06/03/22)
Residents Litter Picking


With the current situation for our neighbours in Eastern Europe, it might be helpful for residents to know that the church is open every day for prayer and reflection.
(Posted 27/02/22)

Livewell Linkwell

Livewell Linkwell Poster

The Rose & Crown - Open Again !!!!

The Rose & Crown is now re-open (to rave reviews about their food). It’s great to have the pub back in business and we wish them well.

They have a social media presence on Facebook (click on the image above to go straight there).

and their web site is being updated.

Posted 19/10/21

Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan Web Site

All residents are encouraged by Ashdon Parish Council to visit the Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan web site to see all of the latest news and event details.

Simply click on the image below to be taken to the site.

(Posted 14/09/21)

Protect Your Pooch

Protect-your-pooch infographic

Uttlesford Foodbank

Uttlesford Foodbank – emergency food and support for local people in crisis.
Click on the image to view the flyer.
 (Posted 13/04/21)

Mosaics installed at the War Memorial

The wonderful mosaics created by Vicky Moriarty have been installed at the War Memorial.

They were created for Remembrance Day last year and , it’s nice that they are now there for all to see.
We are sure that you will agree that they are stunning..
(Posted 21/01/21)
Mosaics at War Memorial
Mosaic at War Memorial
Mosaic at War Memorial

Village Hall - defibrillator unit

Due to a technical problem with the box, the defibrillator that is normally on the wall of the Village Hall has been moved into the Village Hall kitchen. If needed urgently please contact Mike Elsey (Parish Council Chairman 01799 585902, Gavin Walter (Baptist Church Minister 01799 584384) or Caroline Currer (Team Vicar All Saints Church 01799 584839) for access code.

(Posted 07/11/20)

Walden Local Newspaper comes to Ashdon

Good News! Hot off the Press – the Walden Local comes to Ashdon. 

We are delighted to announce that the Walden Local will now be available every Wednesday from outside the Village Hall and from the “telephone box” at Steventon End.

(Posted 16/10/20)

Victim Support Initiative

A message from Councillor Colin Day (Uttlesford District Council). 

In my capacity as Chair of the Uttlesford Community Safety Partnership Committee I am forwarding the attachment to you as it carries the full support of this committee. This essentially is a card outlining details of a Victim Support initiative entitled “My support space” which is for people aged 16 and over who have been affected by crime and or traumatic events and feel able to cope, but who may need help to move forward. 


The Parish Council have added this card to the website and you can access it by clicking the button below.

(Posted 18/09/20).

Ashdon Primary School Lottery

Today (May 10th) would have been the biggest fundraiser for the school, the 10K run, losing this income will have a massive impact on our school and our children, as a result, the PTA have been looking at alternative ways to raise money for the school, and as such have launched a school lottery which is run by

The first draw is this coming Saturday, 16th May with a guaranteed winner that is someone who is supporting the school plus the possibility of winning the national prize of £25,000. (Posted 10/05/20).