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Facebook feed now on the web site

We are constantly looking at ways to improve your Parish Council web site and have just added a page showing Facebook posts / the feed from the Parish Council Facebook Page.
You can view this page via the “Social Media” drop down option under the News option on the menu bar.
 The aim, is that over time, we will be able to post all updates on just the Facebook Page and they will automatically display on the web site page. This will enable us to just update in one place and avoid the duplication of having to put the same update on two places.
You do not need to be a Facebook User to see the overview of the posts (although if are you have added functions).
We would welcome any feedback (good or bad).
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Ashdon Parish Council Meeting

Please click on the image to download the Agenda for the meeting…
Posted (19/06/22)

Uttlesford District Parking Review

Please see the information below and, if you want to have your say, click on the image to be taken to the page..

Posted (25/05/22)

Making the most of your money

Uttlesford Citizens Advice have produced a very useful guide for residents. Please click on the image below to download it.
Posted (27/04/22)

Ashdon Open Gardens 2022

Please see below for the latest details
Posted (30/03/22)
Ashdon Open Gardens Poster for 12th June 2022

Garden Waste Skip Service - 2022 Dates

The 2022 dates for the Garden Waste Skip Service for have been released and are shown below (as well as being on the Parish Services page in the Resources section of this web site).
Apologies to those residents who may have missed the service yesterday.
Posted (13/03/22)
Garden Waste Skip Service 2022 Dates

Thank you

Whilst out and about today we came across these two lovely residents who were doing their very own litter pick from Rogers End up towards Waltons. They told us that they had collected almost two bin bags full of rubbish.
Thank you ladies…
Posted (06/03/22)
Residents Litter Picking


With the current situation for our neighbours in Eastern Europe, it might be helpful for residents to know that the church is open every day for prayer and reflection.
(Posted 27/02/22)

Community Safety Partnership

Please see below a poster for our “Reaching the Rural Community” event which is a Community Safety Partnership project coming to Hempstead and the surrounding areas on 1st March 2022.
Whilst Hempstead will be the base, Partners will be out in the villages of Ashdon, Sewards End, Radwinter and Great/Little Sampford speaking with local farmers.
We would like to welcome residents from these villages to come and speak to us at the Village Hall, Hempstead where representatives from CVSU, Police, Crime Stoppers, Fire will be on hand to answer any questions.
(Posted 25/02/22)
Community Safety Partnership event - infographic

Livewell Linkwell

Livewell Linkwell Poster

Ashdon Open Gardens

Ashdon Open Gardens Flyer 2022

The Essex Warbler

The latest edition of The Essex Warbler is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 04/12/21)

Notice Of Resignation

Notice Of Resignation

The Rose & Crown - Open Again !!!!

The Rose & Crown is now re-open (to rave reviews about their food). It’s great to have the pub back in business and we wish them well.

They have a social media presence on Facebook (click on the image above to go straight there).

and their web site is being updated.

Posted 19/10/21

Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan Web Site

All residents are encouraged by Ashdon Parish Council to visit the Ashdon Neighbourhood Plan web site to see all of the latest news and event details.

Simply click on the image below to be taken to the site.

(Posted 14/09/21)

The Essex Warbler

The latest edition of The Essex Warbler is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 08/09/21)

Oyster - The voice of Rural Essex

The latest edition of Oyster – The voice of Rural Essex is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 08/09/21)

Active Essex Newsletter - The Pulse 6th August 21

We have received the latest Active Essex Newsletter – click on the image below to download and view.

(Posted 08/08/21)

RCCE - Essex Warbler (July edition)

The April edition of the Essex Warbler from the Rural Community Council of Essex is now available to view online. Please click on the image to download it.

(Posted 06/07/21)

Protect Your Pooch

Protect-your-pooch infographic

Village Hall now open

Following the introduction of Step 3 of HM Governments COVID-19 road map, the Village Hall is once again open and available for use / hire.

(Posted 14/05/21)

ECC - Your Essex (May edition)

The May edition of ECC – Your Essex is now available to view online. Click on the image to visit the site.

(Posted 07/05/21)

RCCE - Essex Warbler (May edition)

The April edition of the Essex Warbler from the Rural Community Council of Essex is now available to view online. Please click on the image to download it.

(Posted 07/05/21)

Essex Rural Partnership Monthly Bulletin - May 2021

We have received the Essex Rural Partnership Monthly Bulletin for April 2021. This is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 07/0t5/21)

Essex Community Watch - May 2021

We have received the Essex Community Watch Magazine for March 2021. This is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 12/03/21)

Essex Rural Partnership Monthly Bulletin - April 2021

We have received the Essex Rural Partnership Monthly Bulletin for April 2021. This is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 17/04/21)

Active Essex Newsletter - The Pulse 14th April 21

We have received the latest Active Essex Newsletter – click on the image below to download and view.

(Posted 17/04/21)

The Walden Local returns

The Walden Local is returning on Wednesday April 28.
Copies will be available for collection from the box at the front of the Village Hall.
 (Posted 13/04/21)

Uttlesford Foodbank

Uttlesford Foodbank – emergency food and support for local people in crisis.
Click on the image to view the flyer.
 (Posted 13/04/21)

Essex Community Watch - March 2021

We have received the Essex Community Watch Magazine for March 2021. This is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 12/03/21)

Essex Rural Partnership Monthly Bulletin - March 2021

We have received the Essex Rural Partnership Monthly Bulletin for March 2021. This is available to download / view by clicking on the image below.

(Posted 06/03/21)

Roadmap out of lockdown document

The Cabinet Office have produced an easy read document all about the planned “Roadmap out of lockdown”. It can be downloaded by clicking the button below. There is also an infographic below with key dates.

(Posted 01/03/21)

Active Essex Newsletter - The Pulse

We have received the latest Active Essex Newsletter – click on the button to download and view.

(Posted 01/03/21)

Essex Energy Efficiency Grant Funding

Essex Energy Efficiency Grant Funding.
Grants of up to £10,000 are available for eligible households.
Details can be found by downloading the leaflet.
If you think that you are eligible then contact them to discuss and arrange an assessment.

(Posted 12/02/21

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Click on the graphic to be taken to the booking site
 (Posted 12/02/21)

RCCE - Essex Warbler (February edition)

The February edition of the Essex Warbler from the Rural Community Council of Essex is now available to view online. Please click on the button to download it.

(Posted 05/02/21)

Essex Energy Switch reminder..

Essex Energy Switch. Could save you money !!
Click on the image for details

(Posted 29/01/21)

Latest UDC District News

The lastest UDC District news (dated 25/01/21) has been released and can be viewed via the image below:
 (Posted 25/01/21)

Mosaics installed at the War Memorial

The wonderful mosaics created by Vicky Moriarty have been installed at the War Memorial.

They were created for Remembrance Day last year and , it’s nice that they are now there for all to see.
We are sure that you will agree that they are stunning..
(Posted 21/01/21)
Mosaics at War Memorial
Mosaic at War Memorial
Mosaic at War Memorial

COVID-19 Case Data Week Ending 10th January

COVID-19 Data for 7 days up until 10th January. 
The number of confirmed cases dropped by 48.9% compared to the week ending 5th January.
This is good news but we have a very long way to go. 
Please follow the regulations to help reduce the number of cases of this virus in our community and #staysafe

(Posted 15/01/21)

ECC - Your Essex (January edition)

The January edition of ECC – Your Essex is now available to view online. Click on the image to visit the site.

(Posted 15/01/21)

COVID-19 Vaccination Scams - Further Info

Further information on Vaccine Scams can be found by clicking the button.
Please note that you will never be asked for your bank or payment card details – the vaccine is free.
 (Posted 14/01/21)

COVID-19 Vaccination Scams.

The following has been received from our contact at Essex Police and is good advice. The main thing to bear in mind is that you will never be charged for a COVID-19 vaccination so NEVER give bank details to callers.
“As far as I am aware, contact regarding the Vaccine may have previously been made by either text, phone or email, but I have been reliably told that currently with the latest vaccine rollout, phone calls are the preferred method of contact, (certainly in the Mid and South Essex CCG), so that those entitled to receive a vaccine should be contacted by phone. Covid vaccinations are currently being carried out by a few selected General Practices and Health Centres etc., and not all GPs are currently involved.
If there are any doubts of the calls authenticity, they should be easily allayed by asking questions, and there will of course be no mention of payment or providing bank details to “confirm identity”. As usual further checks can be made if necessary by using other trusted sources.
Should any changes be made in the future regarding methods of contact, details of which health centre etc. sent it should be present and therefore available to be checked out. Again the vaccination is FREE and you will not need to provide any financial details for payment or to “confirm identity”.
As with any miss-call or request to phone someone, always be cautious when using phone numbers especially those beginning with 00 – international calls, 070 – personal numbers not usually included in packages and can be more expensive, and those beginning 09 as these are premium rate numbers. I haven’t as yet heard of a Vaccine scam using these numbers but forewarned is forearmed as they say…”
(posted 09/01/21)
COVID--19 Vaccine Fact Check infographic

All Saints fitness equipment area closed.

To comply with the new HM Government regulations and lock down announced yesterday, the All Saints Fitness Equipment area is closed until further notice. This is due to requirement to close outdoor sports courts and gyms.
Outdoor playgrounds are currently permitted to remain open and so the playgrounds at Church Field and Rectory Lane remain open (although we ask users to ensure that they comply with regulations regarding numbers, mixing etc).
Details of the new regulations are available via the button below.
(posted 05/01/21)

RCCE - Essex Warbler (December edition)

The December edition of the Essex Warbler from the Rural Community Council of Essex is now available to view online. Please click on the button to download it.

(Posted 30/11/20)

Explore Essex - Essex Explorer (Autumn / Winter edition)

The November edition of Explore Essex is now available to view online. Click on the button to visit the site.

(Posted 27/11/20)

ECC - Your Essex (November edition)

The November edition of ECC – Your Essex is now available to view online. Click on the button to visit the site.

(Posted 20/11/20)

Post Office services returning to Ashdon.

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that, after prolonged negotiations with the Post Office (and a delay due to IT issues), Post Office services will be returning to Ashdon (starting on Tuesday 10th November).
Please click on the link below to access the poster giving details of the mobile service, which will initially operate from 09:30 to 10:30 every Tuesday morning in the Baptist Hall Car Park.

(Posted 09/11/20)

Village Hall - defibrillator unit

Due to a technical problem with the box, the defibrillator that is normally on the wall of the Village Hall has been moved into the Village Hall kitchen. If needed urgently please contact Mike Elsey (Parish Council Chairman 01799 585902, Gavin Walter (Baptist Church Minister 01799 584384) or Caroline Currer (Team Vicar All Saints Church 01799 584839) for access code.

(Posted 07/11/20)

ECC What's On (October)

Essex County Council have released the October edition of their What’s On newsletter.

Click on the image to download it…

(Posted 23/10/20)

Superfast Essex Programme Update

Superfast Essex have released an update detailing progress on their installation programme.

(Posted 23/10/20)

Walden Local Newspaper comes to Ashdon

Good News! Hot off the Press – the Walden Local comes to Ashdon. 

We are delighted to announce that the Walden Local will now be available every Wednesday from outside the Village Hall and from the “telephone box” at Steventon End.

(Posted 16/10/20)

Get in touch if you cannot pay Council Tax

Uttlesford District Council have urged any residents who cannot pay their Council Tax to get in touch with them. Full details can be obtained by clicking the button below.

(Posted 13/10/20)

Green Homes Grants.

Homeowners and landlords in England can apply for a voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient and low-carbon heating improvements to homes, which could help save up to £600 a year on energy bills.
The government will provide a voucher that covers up to two thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements to your home. The maximum value of the voucher is £5,000. You may be able to receive a higher level of subsidy if you are a homeowner and either you or a member of your household receives one of the qualifying means-tested benefits, covering 100% of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of these vouchers is £10,000. Landlords cannot apply for the low-income part of the scheme.
Local Authorities will also be making support available for low income households in their local area through the Green Homes Grant: Local Authority Delivery.
More information on participating Local Authorities will be made available on GOV.UK in due course.

(Posted 09/10/20)

County Councillors Report for October 2020

Please click on the button for the document..

(Posted 29/09/20).

Victim Support Initiative

A message from Councillor Colin Day (Uttlesford District Council). 

In my capacity as Chair of the Uttlesford Community Safety Partnership Committee I am forwarding the attachment to you as it carries the full support of this committee. This essentially is a card outlining details of a Victim Support initiative entitled “My support space” which is for people aged 16 and over who have been affected by crime and or traumatic events and feel able to cope, but who may need help to move forward. 


The Parish Council have added this card to the website and you can access it by clicking the button below.

(Posted 18/09/20).

Essex Rural Partnership - September Bulletin

We have received the Essex Rural Partnership September Bulletin. 

You can download a copy of the bulletin by clicking on the picture below,

(Posted 18/09/20).

Weekly pop up fresh fruit and veg stall.

A fresh Fruit & Veg stall will be opening in the Rose and Crown Car Park every Wednesday morning from 08:30-10:00.

The stall will only accept cash at this time (they plan to accept card payments in the future), but they do accept BACS for deliveries. They will offer free deliveries to local addresses on the day. 

(Posted 09/09/20).

Hare Coursing Poster

Oyster Magazine - the voice of rural Essex

Please click on this link for the latest online edition of Oyster Magazine..

(Posted 05/09/20).

Essex County Council Home to School Transport : Planning for September 2020


Please click on this link for the document..

(Posted 26/08/20).

Open Letter from Essex County Council

An open letter to Essex parent and carers ahead of schools opening full time from 2 September


Cllr David Finch, Leader Essex County Council
Cllr Ray Gooding, Cabinet Member for Education
Clare Kershaw, Essex County Council’s Director of Education
Dr Mike Gogarty, Essex County Council’s Director of Wellbeing, Public Health and Communities

Dear parents and carers of Essex school children, 

Last month marked the end to an extraordinary school year. Schools and colleges had to respond to necessary measures aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19, meaning they closed to the majority of pupils on 23 March. June then saw the return of some pupils, largely on a part-time basis. Throughout, we have been incredibly proud of Essex’s response. Many parents and carers have had to provide childcare and assist with education on top of their work commitments, teachers and education staff have had to deal with the logistical issues associated with ensuring those attending settings were kept safe, and pupils have experienced disruption to their routine, education, exams and social interactions. We do not underestimate the sacrifices that have been made, the uncertainty that’s been felt, and the hard work that’s gone into Essex’s response to this crisis.

The government has said education settings can return to full-time opening for all students from the beginning of September. This is possible because the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community has decreased since settings restricted opening in March, NHS Test and Trace is now up and running, and settings have a better understanding of the measures that need to be in place to create safer environments. While there will still be risks as long as COVID-19 remains in the community, scientific evidence shows that COVID-19 presents a lower risk to children than adults of becoming severely ill, and that there is no evidence that children transmit the disease any more than adults.

In preparation for wider opening, we ask that parents and carers read the government’s guidance on what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term and speak to their children about the important role we must all play in reducing the spread of the virus. Essex schools and colleges have been communicating their individual plans for September with their parent communities; it’s crucial we support our county’s schools and colleges by understanding and adhering to the protective measures they put in place.

Outside school and college, and as a wider population, we must all remain vigilant and observe social distancing measures. It is vital we all play our part if we are to ensure we avoid further restrictions that will impact society.

Essex County Council (ECC) has been working with schools, colleges and partners to prepare for this return, and measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools and colleges will be in place in September. These may include pupils being kept in class or year group-sized bubbles, older pupils being asked to socially distance where possible, the staggering of start, end, break and lunch times, and regular hand-washing. If children, or anyone they live with, have coronavirus symptoms, they must not attend their school or college and you will be asked to collect your child if they are displaying symptoms whilst at school or college. Remote education will be provided for pupils self-isolating.

You will also note the recent change in the government’s advice regarding the wearing of face coverings for children over the age of 12. Schools and colleges have the discretion to advise on the wearing of face coverings in communal areas and have assessed this need as part of their risk assessment. Your school or college will advise you on the decisions it has taken. It is only compulsory to wear face coverings in schools where a local lockdown is in place. This is currently not the case in Essex but please do talk to your school or college about any concerns you have regarding face coverings.

It is recognised that the disruption to children’s education since partial school closures in March has the potential to have a long-lasting impact. It is therefore vital that all children and young people are supported to catch up on any lost learning and to return to the structure and routine of school and college as soon as possible, as we know that schools and colleges play a crucial role in providing for children’s educational, social and emotional developmental needs. We further recognise the challenge placed upon parents needing to home educate their children during this time. It is therefore vitally important that every child returns to school and college when they fully open from 2 September 2020.

However, we also recognise the significant impact that COVID-19 has had on many families’ lives, and that some families will need more support during this time. We will therefore be asking all schools and colleges to work with families who are anxious about their child returning to the classroom to understand the individual circumstances and the concerns they have. All schools and colleges have been required to complete a risk assessment to outline the protective measures that they have put in place to make their setting COVID safe – it is therefore important for parents who are anxious to talk to their child’s education setting to discuss the measures they have put in place and any further support that may be required.

The government has made it clear that attendance will be mandatory for pupils of compulsory school age from September. If any parents are still not sending their child back to school after the school has made contact to explain their risk assessment and measures that are in place, or if levels of attendance were low prior to the lockdown, then it remains within the headteacher’s discretion to request that we, ECC, issue a targeted penalty notice in line with our policy on attendance. We will want to see clear evidence of the support the school has offered to the family to help their child to attend before we agree to the school’s penalty notice request, and will take each case on an individual basis.

Parents and guardians of eligible students who receive transport to their place of education should have now received a letter outlining transport arrangements and protective measures in place for the new school year. We have been working with transport providers to ensure passengers can travel safely.

Students and parents who can travel to school or college safely by walking or cycling are recommended to do so. To help with this, a new dedicated Getting to School section has been launched on ECC’s Stop.Swap.GO! website. It includes maps and information on cycling and walking routes to schools and colleges in Essex, as well as suggested drop-off zones away from the school gate to reduce congestion. These are being developed for schools in Essex’s most congested areas, with more suggestions being added soon. The aim is to help families develop a sustainable and active travel option for the school run.

We are sharing advice, resources and information about local organisations that can help children to prepare to go back to school with confidence as part of our Every Family Matters campaign. Find out more on the Staying Well: Children and Families page on our website.

Finally we would like to wish all young people, their parents and families, and school staff our best wishes for a safe and successful start to the autumn term. We know that whether you are starting a new school for the first time, returning after a long period away from your school setting, or returning from the summer break, the start of a new school term is always an exciting but anxious time – we know this year there will be more nerves than usual, but have confidence in our school leaders and staff that they will welcome you back with warmth, support and understanding.


(Posted 26/08/20).

The Rose & Crown


(Posted 14/07/20).

Rose And Crown - statement

The Rose & Crown

The Parish Council was saddened to learn that Hans and Justine and family are to depart the Rose & Crown at the end of this month. 

We know that they will be greatly missed by all their friends and customers, and we should like to join their many well-wishers in thanking them for serving, and being part of, the village community, over these past few years. 

Hans and Justine – our very best wishes go with you all for every success in the future.

Ashdon Parish Council

(Posted 13/07/20).

Outdoor gym and recreation grounds re-open.

Parish Council Recreation Facilities now open.

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that following government advice and carrying out our own assessment the villages recreation facilities are now open.


There is explanatory signage (see below) displayed stating the precautions that users need to observe and we request that users follow these precautions as a matter of urgency.


(Posted 07/07/20)

Essex Community Watch Magazine

We have received the Essex Community Watch Magazine and it really is worth a read. 

You can download a copy of the magazine by clicking on the picture below,

(Posted 12/06/20).

Garden Waste Skip Service Returns

   Uttlesford District Council are pleased to announce that following the latest guidance from central government UDC are going to be remobilising the parish weekend garden waste skip service from this weekend Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st May.


There will be 2 metre strict social distancing rules in place which must be adhered to by residents and operators will only allow one vehicle to unload at any time. Operators will not assist any residents with unloading the vehicles to reduce the risk of transferring COVID-19.  


Residents using the service will need to be mindful that there will inevitably be delays when they are visiting the site and to be patient.


Ashdon Residents – please note that the next scheduled skip for us is the 6th June and the timings and full schedule can be found on the on the Parish Services page of this web site.


(Posted 27/05/20) 

Ashdon Primary School Lottery

Today (May 10th) would have been the biggest fundraiser for the school, the 10K run, losing this income will have a massive impact on our school and our children, as a result, the PTA have been looking at alternative ways to raise money for the school, and as such have launched a school lottery which is run by

The first draw is this coming Saturday, 16th May with a guaranteed winner that is someone who is supporting the school plus the possibility of winning the national prize of £25,000. (Posted 10/05/20).

Village Magazine editorial team request

Lifeline Scam Alert

Please see below:

If you have any concerns about Lifeline or anyone calling on behalf of the council you should contact us on 01799 510510 or email

Steps to protect yourself
Essex Police has useful tips on how to protect yourself against bogus callers here…/p…/door-to-door-courier-fraud/

(Posted 31/03/20)

Uttlesford CAB Update

We are pleased to report that Uttlesford Citizens Advice telephone advice service is fully operational. 

Our fully trained volunteers and members of staff are ready to offer support and advice to your residents to help them with any concerns they may have regarding benefit entitlements, consumer rights, money worries, employment rights and housing issues during this difficult time. To access the service, people should call 01799 618840 and leave a short message with their name, telephone number and postcode and one of our advisers will call back as soon as they are able.

The team at Uttlesford Frontline have put together some useful factsheets, which you may like to share with others in your community.  The first gives information about employment and consumer rights as well as help available if people are worried about a reduction in their income.  

The second gives details of local help and support for those that are housebound and self-isolating. Both are regularly updated.

Both can be downloaded by going to and searching the library of services for ‘covid’.

(Posted 26/03/20).

Ashdon Village Hall Closed:

Following UK government advice, the Village Hall in Ashdon is closed until further notice.

(Posted 24/03/20).

Fraud Alert

Report fraud or attempted fraud by contacting Action Fraud at or call 0300 123 2040.

 Good morning,

 I have been informed by Trading Standards that this week there have been a number of reports across the county of people impersonating Trading Standards Officers. When questioned or asked to provide ID, they were unable to do so.

These fraudsters also appear to be targeting those who have already fallen victim to rogue traders and therefore these may be ‘follow up’ attempts to obtain even more money from vulnerable customers.

Trading Standards Officers will always carry identification and can be verified by calling the national consumer helpline on 03454 040506. If unsure, always Take Five and confirm their identity.

If this has happened to you previously, please report to Action Fraud.

If a suspect is still at your address or you believe yourself to be at risk of harm, please dial 999.


Kind regards

Angi Greneski

Community Safety Officer

Uttlesford District Council

(Posted 16/03/20)