Latest Update from Uttlesford District Council

The latest update (14th September) from Uttlesford District Council on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic is available now. 

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(Posted 18/09/20).

Outdoor gym and recreation grounds re-open.

Parish Council Recreation Facilities now open.

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that following government advice and carrying out our own assessment the villages recreation facilities are now open.


There is explanatory signage (see below) displayed stating the precautions that users need to observe and we request that users follow these precautions as a matter of urgency.


(Posted 07/07/20)

Precautions for use of the recreation facilities

NHS Track and Trace - how it works

Now that the NHS Track and Trace service is running please see the attached files to see how it works. Please have a look and make yourself familiar to avoid any potential scams. 

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(Posted 02/06/20).

Uttlesford CAB - Covid support update.

Uttlesford Citizens Advice Bureau have released the following update:

We have produced a leaflet giving details of the range of services we offer which may help people during this difficult time.  This includes a new ‘Listening Line’ service, which aims to provide a friendly ear for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or who may like a regular call to combat loneliness. 

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(Posted 22/05/20).

COVID-19 Self Isolation Support Group Update


Essex Welfare Service

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, Essex Welfare Service has been set up to support the most vulnerable in our community.Click on the button for more information.

(Posted 22/04/20).

Essex Welfare Service Information

Urgent Notice: Be aware of text frauds

Text Frauds associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
The following has been received – please read and pass on to friends, family and neighbours.

Following the alert sent out this morning, please see the official government response to messages such as the one shown below:“The Government has only sent one text message to the public regarding new rules about staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Any others claiming to be from UK Government are false.

Criminals are able to use spoofing technology to send texts and emails impersonating organisations that you know and trust. We would remind anyone who receives an unexpected text or email asking for personal or financial details not click on the links or attachments, and don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial details.”If you receive any such messages, report them to Action Fraud –

The text shown below is a fraud!!!

(Posted 30/03/20)

Image of fraudulent text

Uttlesford Frontline COVID-19 Housebound Factsheet

A very helpful COVID-19 factsheet detailing support available for those unable to leave their homes has been released

The factsheet can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

(Posted 26/03/20).

COVID-19 Self Isolation Support Group

Ashdon Baptist Church together with Ashdon Parish Council are formally launching a local Self Isolation Support Group for residents who need to self isolate due to the COViD-19 pandemic.

Numerous kind residents have approached us about running such a scheme (and
have indeed already volunteered to assist) and we have posted, with this message, an introductory poster. 

Gavin Walter (Ashdon Baptist Church) and Mike Elsey (Ashdon Parish Council) will be administering the scheme and will be in touch with those kind folks who have already stated their willingness to help (your details have already been passed to them).

If anyone wishes to assist please either contact Gavin or Mike or you can also email the Parish Council at – any messages received will be passed on to Gavin and Mike.

Further updates will be posted when available. (posted 18/03/20).

Essex Coronavirus Action - Facebook Page

Please see below for the link to the Essex Coronavirus Action Facebook Page. 

This page is a space for Essex residents to connect and discuss a variety of issues during the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak. 

Essex Coronavirus Action is a collaboration between Essex County Council, The Essex Public Health Team, and local Facebook groups.

(Posted 18/03/20).

Essex County Council COVID-19 updates and information page now live.

Essex County Council have set up a dedicated page for  their updates and information relative to COVID-19.

(Posted 18/03/20).