Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch is jointly Co-Ordinated by Parish Councillors Steve Hayler and John Thorn. The Neighbourhood Watch is separate from the Parish Council (although it has the full support of the Parish Council).

The Neighbourhood Watch newsletter “The Watch” is delivered to residents in Ashdon (courtesy of the Parish Council who pay for the delivery with the Walden Local newspaper).

Included with the newsletter will be an application form to join (for free) The Ashdon Neighbourhood Watch Group. All applications received will get a free neighbourhood watch sticker to go in your windows.

The Image below shows the front page of a previous issue.

For those who have access to Facebook will take you to the Facebook Page of the Ashdon Neighbourhood Watch Group – why not join us there as well?

If you have Neighbourhood Watch issues or questions then please contact Steve or John via the Parish Councillors contact page on this site..


The Watch Newsletter