What does the Council do ?

The Parish Council is the most localised tier of local government in the UK, and exists to help residents and be the point of contact for issues affecting the village. Ashdon Parish Council has a  maximum of seven councillors, with elections held every four years. The last election was held in May 2019. Currently, there are seven councillors, whose details are shown in a separate link, and they are assisted by an experienced Parish Clerk, who is the only employee of the Parish Council, and who also works closely with Uttlesford District Council and Essex County Council, on matters affecting the village. It is the clerk to whom formal correspondence on Parish matters should be addressed. The work of the councillors is voluntary and unpaid.

The Parish Council raises (through the village precept in Council Tax) and spends money in a tightly regulated manner through government standing orders on such as street lighting, cemetery maintenance, play areas, Village Green and War Memorial, Village Hall and support of various village amenities. Any issues surrounding these (such as a faulty piece of play equipment) should be reported to the Parish Clerk. The Council also works with Uttlesford District and Essex County Councils on such matters as Roads, Footpaths, Planning Applications and Street Cleaning.  Uttlesford District Council, as the local planning authority, sends all planning applications that affect Ashdon to the Parish Council for its consideration and comment. The Council’s comments, which may or may not be adopted by the district authority, are reflected in the minutes of the Parish Council. Representations on planning matters should be directed to Uttlesford District Council.

The Parish Council has a number of established policies and procedures as follows:

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations – click on the buttons below to view these.

Our Notice of conclusion of audit for the Annual Governance & Accountability Returns are available by clicking the button below: